So today I’m here to talk about something very important which could help you a lot if you are just starting with this business (or any business of your own).

For all of you who feel overwhelmed trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, it may seem to you that you’re not able to do it at first but, remember what i told you about “sticking to one thing and one thing only” well, this is the time to do it.

The only thing we do here is to help motivate you and encourage you to follow your dreams, but it is “YOU” that needs to take action and you need to take action right now, not tomorrow, but right now, because you will have a lot of work and learning to do.

Don’t work Hard, work smart.

One day, in a moment of absolute despair, I marched out of my house and I literally ran to the park, I reached the top of the hill and with the top of my lungs I screamed “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!”

Ever since that day It seems I cant get enough done in my day, the point of this is not to boast, but for you to realize that if you want the answers to your problem, go find a mirror and have a good long stare and your problems will be right there in front of you.

List everything you are unhappy with and everything you are not, drink lots of water, eat healthy as possible, walk run jump, keep on writing, keep on smiling, and everyday bring a little journal and try to write “thank you for….” and choose something you are thankful for each day.

This might seem stupid, but it will change your life.

The difference between the lucky and unlucky is that the lucky see opportunities when it hits them in the face, I advise you too watch the video I posted called “Acres of land” it will really help you at this time.

Keep smiling

P.S I linked to the video for you

Earl Nightingale – Acres of Diamonds



 The Empower Network Blogging System -

the empower network blogging system

Just few days ago i joined the The Empower Network Blogging System , I’ve got the luck to be in Jon Mroz’s new members training team and since that day I’ve been putting all my effort to learn step by step what is required for this business to succeed.

Before this i didn’t even know what to write about on my blog posts, I’m sure most of you have been in the same situation – scary uh? how the heck am i suppose to run this business if i don’t even know what to put in my website? it feels almost the same like when you go to a job interview and you are not sure if you’re going to get the job or not.

What are the advantages of The Empower Network Blogging System?

Well guys, one of the advantages of joining The Empower Network Blogging System is that most of the difficult job is already done for you, i know you may have heard this before and you are now like “yeah yeah sure, everybody tells the same b*** just to impress and to make sales but i know what i am talking about. As you may know, English is not my first language so is kind of difficult to express my ideas to others in written but as you can see now and thanks to the training I’m following,  for the very first time in many years learning about internet marketing, I’ve got enough confidence to write posts like this every single day. Of course, I’m not an expert yet but I’m sure if i keep going like this … in no time I’ll be catching up with the greatest copywriters in the world :)

Why i say what i say and why the Empower Network Blogging System works

So why am i telling you all this? because I’ve been where you are right now -  confused and angry, not being able to decide what to do next, not being able  to see or understand what works and what doesn’t, not being able to understand what are the risks of Free or Paid, but the common question is, and it will always be “why the heck should i listen to you?
The answer is simple, you reached this place because you were looking for something right? why do you think this page came up? better to ask, why do you think this page was within the FIRST RESULTS of your search and you clicked on it? was it magic? no, was it pure coincidence? no, you want to know what it was? it was the result of all my effort and sacrifice i put in it to make it available and visible to you, without effort – there’s no winning, without winning – there’s no money, without money – well, make your own conclusions.

Anyway, back to the members training, today we’ve seen the basics of blogging and how to get your blog up and running very fast. By the way, Jon eliminates all the “tech difficulty” and makes it look like a child’s game. You can do it either by yourself or you can join the Empower Network and it will be even much easier because they host your blog and work for you behind the scenes.

The secret behind all this system (or any system you chose to work with) is simple – you really need a MENTOR to start. I didn’t understand the meaning of this until i discovered the Empower Network blogging System. I tried so many programs, so many systems, you name it – I’ve done it. What i was more angry about is that all this program had something in common, they always promised support from your sponsors in a way to get you in, i fell for it so many times that i lost the count, just to realize that they were “recruiters” and not “sponsors.

And this is what makes the Empower Network Blogging System (and my team) different from the rest. Since day one I’ve got coaching from my sponsor and my Team Leader , Mr Jon Mroz and that’s why i will keep you updated each and every single day. This is why the name of my blog is Road Map to Success, it is not just a name it came to my mind when i was taking a shower or eating, i am creating my own Road Map to success and this will be the prove for the future generation of entrepreneurs looking to establish their presence online.

So the final question is : Are you one of us?

Comments and Questions are welcome below. Today i invite you to join my fan page on Facebook and to follow me on Twitter to keep up to date with y posts


The Empower network System and its training in network marketing

Hello guys, so today i want to talk about the amazing training in network marketing that the Empower Network is offering to you. First of all i just joined the system a couple of days ago and i had absolutely no idea of what i was doing or not even what network marketing was. I’m not go into details on what’s the definition of this so just Google it and learn a little bit more about how profitable this is it.

With that said, let’s go into today’s post

The Proper Training in Network Marketing begins here

The system makes sure that everything is understandable and easy to follow. Neither to say that this is one of the top network marketing companies available in the market because their members get a cutting edge business and marketing education that can leverage their compelling and proven sales process to earn a life changing income.

I just want to mention some of the great training videos and resources you will find inside the member’s area and how it’s helping me to develop my online business with just few hours of work per day.

First of all, blogging basics: this is by far the most important point on how to get started. By now i am able to set up my own word press blog the proper way. Absolutely everything is explained with detail but the most important thing is that you don’t need any technical skills to do this, if you can “copy and paste” – you can run a “blogging empire”. At the beginning your blog will be hosted on the Empower network system which is recommended as you are just starting with the basics, after a while you can move and apply all the techniques learned with the system. Once again if you are looking for the best home business opportunity, you have come to the right place.

Second, Autoresponders and Emails – have you ever thought that setting up an email campaign and follow up messages was difficult? well, with the Empower Network is not. Basically what they do is they take care of all your campaigns, even your sales so you don’t have to worry about anything, other than driving traffic to your blog. There are advantages and disadvantages of this because you don’t have your own list (again, if you don’t know what these terms mean, i will make a blog post in few days explaining in detail)

This is where the Training in Network Marketing begins

When you decide to join the Empower Network, you are going to be assigned to a “team”, a group of people like you who decided to join earlier and now making a profitable blog for living. This team has a main sponsor which is the one who’s going to provide you with all the tools and training on how to get started with the Empower Network.

But enough with this. Despite all the technical and beginners stuff, i just want to tell you that to build a network marketing business is not easy and you will need a LOT of patience and understanding. This is something i never understood (or didn’t want to) and got me into a lot of troubles. The secret is to stick up to one, and only one thing and learn the crap out of it. I know you become excited and want to learn how to build your network marketing business over the night  but it’s not going to happen. Doesn’t matter which program you decide to use or which system you decide to follow, there’s always money involved to start with and you must agree with that.

If you decide to join under my team (which is by far the best inside the Empower Network community) you are going to receive specialized support and training, and I’m not saying this just because i want to promote them but let’s be realistic people, you have reached this page for one reason, and this is because you are not looking just for a change in your life, be honest, you are looking for someone who is ABLE to teach you and get you started immediately so you can see REAL results. It is not easy to find such an incredible training in network marketing like the one you have here

Take your Training in Network Marketing to the Limit

Please leave your comments below, any advice or suggestions will be very appreciate. Remember, from now on it’s up to you how you grow your network marketing business,


Road Map to Success





Can you make money by blogging? – The Big Question

 I know there’s a big question mark in your head right now “how can you make money by blogging” or “how do bloggers make money“. Well today I’m here to explain you a little bit how you can literally generate hundreds of dollars per month by simply using the Empower Network system, the same way I’m doing right now.

When i first started with the system i had the same questions you are having right now and let me tell you i did my research and apparently everything was a piece of cake, so i said “hey, let’s try this”. I started to make blog posts all over the internet like crazy about products and many other things i thought it would bring me money the next morning and i just simply “burnt myself” at that time. I failed , i was angry and i was thinking “how this people make it? which brought me to the same question again

Can you make money by blogging – is it really possible? how?

I thought blogging was a way for making easy money, but it wasn’t. It’s a business guys and like any business, if you really want to do this for living, you are going to have to treat it as a business and (this is a big AND) i really know what I’m talking about. My mistake was to take it very lightly at the beginning and with the Empower Network i realized that either you are “ALL IN” or you’re not. Think about poker where you have to risk many times in you want to win “The Big Pot”.

Can you make money by blogging? the answer is “yes” are the results fast? “no”. With the Empower Network you are going to learn how to start your own blog and make money from it but only if you allow yourself to learn and dedicate time for your future business training.

So if you are ready to learn the secrets on how to make money with your blog (if you already have one) or how can you make money by blogging from scratch using the powerful tools and resources that only the Empower Network can offer to you, click on the right side of this page and watch the free video which will explain how the system works and how can it helps you to grow your presence online. Guys, you won’t believe how EASY it is and how profitable could be.

This is not a way to make quick money, it will take time and a lot of training no matter where you are, if you are newbie that is just starting or if you have a blog and you are not making money from it, you are in the right place and you must take action immediately.

Over the next couple of days i will be talking about some of the benefits of working with my team and some of the amazing bonuses we offer if you decide to take action and join our professional Group.

To your Success


P.S. remember this



Road Map to Success and my daily journal for Freedom -

road map to successWell hello there I’m Carlos your host in tonight’s new blog post. Like the title of my post says this my “Road Map to Success” daily journal and i hope to help people out there looking for the same kind of freedom i am aiming to.

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself for those of you who didn’t read my “about page”, I’m 30 years old and i live in the beautiful country of Romania since 2 years ago, my nationality is Peruvian so if there’s someone there who wants to communicate with me in Spanish you are welcome to do it. I am not an Internet Marketer so you won’t see in this blog complicated subjects or language so rest assure that i will try to make this as easy as i can.

So what is this “Road Map to Success -The last Vision of Freedom” stuff you may ask

well it’s very simple, for the next couple of days (and months if you follow me all the way along) i will document my daily journal with the Empower Network Society which for me is something that could really change my life. I joined a couple of days ago and i have to admit that after 2 years of testing and failing, I’ve decided to settle down with a system that is very promising and different for the rest.

So this is what i can say to all of you so far, the support and training is  amazing but what is most important of all, these people are not Internet Marketers, they are friends to who you can talk to. If you sign up and take a look to the video in the right side you won’t feel like somebody is trying to sell you a product but instead, someone talking to you from the heart. If you don’t believe me you are free to check any other site or business of your choice and to compare with what you will see here. Your choice…

This is day one on my Road Map to Success journal and this is what i have accomplished so far: the proper mindset to do things from the beginning the right way -  believe me for the past few years I’ve been the kind of person who wants to see money raining from the sky with just few minutes of work and that’s it, well not anymore. Thanks to the Empower Network, i now have the proper tools to reach millions of people like you reading this blog post and looking for a chance in their lives. You want to know what  will be the secret of my success? well this is it, i will blog DAILY about my progress inside the members area and by doing this, you will have the chance to finally take action in your life about your goals and priorities. Hopefully i hope to be some kind of inspiration to you and everyone else trying to change their lives for good once and for all.

I just had an interesting Skype call with my sponsor Tim Junck (really cool guy and also speaks Spanish) and believe me before this, i didn’t even know what to write about in this post, but he made me see a lot of things i didn’t even think about before and for me this is the most important thing in business, to have someone you can talk with anytime you have doubts or question about your business. What I’m saying is this is the kind of support I’m receiving so far and i am very happy with it (by the way check Tim’s cool site here if you want to know more about him).

End of Road Map to Success – day one

Well this is it for day one, like i said in my post, your homework for today is to check the video in the right side of this page and to see for yourself what I’m talking about. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Comments and questions are welcome – English, Spanish, however you feel comfortable. Stay tuned for day 2 and remember “Never give up” – Create your own Road Map to Success like I’m doing and let the world know about your progress.


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